Scoala Altfel

Prezenti in cadrul saptamanii Scoala Altfel, la scoala I. Ghe. Duca, clasa a VII-a B, ne-am simtit foarte bine alaturi de cei 18 copii, unii mai zglobii, altii mai seriosi, dar cu totii dornici sa scrie ‘o compunere’, cum au numit ei scrierea creativa, pe baza imaginii de mai jos:


Iata versiunea fetelor (Adriana Vasilescu, Teodora Pavelonescu, Delia Zorila, Alexandra Filipovici, Andreea Popescu), transcrisa:

There was a group of africans. They lived together in some tents.
One night, they did a big camp fire and started to dance around it. After that, they started to tell stories about the moon and the stars.
The elderest of them was speaking about an old fir which wanted to be the best friend of the moon. Every night it sang love songs to the moon.
At a moment the moon felt somethings strange. It started to fall in love with the fir. The tree sent it a red air ball which meant its love for the moon.
After a few minutes, when the story was very exciting, a lion roared to the people and they were very afraid. They went to the sailboat and the boat to save them from the death.
While the lion was running, it put its paw on a cactus. It was very sad and it started to cry. A beautiful lady bird appeared and tried to save the lion. It made a good job and the lion thanked it with some flowers.
At the end the africans found a new place where they built a house, the fir and the moon were friends and the lion and the lady bird were friends too.


Si, versiunea baietilor (Vlad Oanta si Dragos Butuza):

The horror camping

In a summer night, some students find there road in a deep and dark forest. They didn’t know that the forest is haunted. In the middle of the forest, a scary house which was settled on the gravestone of a criminal. They made a tire, but there tent was burned. Now, they must stay a night in the haunted house. They didn’t know about the legend of the gravestone of the Gadyboy criminal. They discovered the legend, but too late because a air ball fly in the freeze night. The criminal killed them one by one until the last one. And this is the story of the children from the Lady Bug’s forest.


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